Cottage Industries

A unit of Sri Aurobindo Udyog Trust

Cottage Industries was started in 1949, under the guidance of The Mother, to provide Sri Aurobindo Ashram with incense sticks and mats, the surplus being distributed amongst devotees. In time, demand for incense arose from devotees abroad and the first export was made in 1973.

As the name suggests, effort is on to  try and maintain a natural ambience and simple style of working, avoiding as far as possible an industrialised approach to manufacturing.  Recycled materials are utilise  and integrate nature-friendly methods where possible.

The product line has expanded to include perfumed incense sticks, perfumed and decorated candles, a line of soaps and body-care products and some ceramic, terracotta and wood artefacts.


Amrita Aroma Series

Cottage incense harmonise well with the newer lines, offering you a wide range in aromatic variety. From traditional and oriental sandalwood and patchouli to spicy cinnamon and cardamom, tropical fruit, exotic florals and woody notes are a few amongst other equally exciting blends.

The more recent and economical line of fragrances with a growing customer base.

Heritage Classic Series

The original and most acclaimed line, with a devoted following for over 60 years. It starts with “Number 11 – Mattipal”, as it took that many attempts to gain final quality approval from The Mother.

Classic Range
Naturally fragrant roots, barks, flower petals and a touch of essential oils, are mixed to form a fragrant base, called the ‘masala’. Held together by honey or even jaggery, the ‘masala’ is hand-rolled on shredded bamboo and shaped into slim incense sticks, free of any artificial additives.

Our most popular and uniquely identifiable products – 9″ fragrant incense sticks packed in plain butter paper packets.

Other Products

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